Thoughts on my GSII

Having a mobile phone is kind of like holding an open beer and not sipping. However, if I wanted to take a sip out of this phone, it would repeatedly place the pull tab over the mouth of the can, the brew would slosh up when the can was not being held, the beer would mysteriously pause after the first tip, then it would run backwards back up into the can and fall forward again. Repeatedly.

The screen on this phone seems always to think some of the lower buttons are getting tapped. This might be due to the case I put on the phone, but I did my best to carve a bunch off. Google voice jumps up most annoyingly as soon as I start to do something.

And battery life is atrocious. I it seems like the actual phone life is closer to 100 minutes judging from how quickly I see the battery tick down from 100% even if I have wifi and mobile data off. Checking email on it is frustrating and it brings to mind how much I have to refine my gmail filters because I do not want to see donation requests on my phone, that seems like a complete waste of my battery, data and attention.

Having a flip-phone was actually more relaxing.

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