Training Rides

From Pacific Industrial Place

9.8 mi Axton down Northwest

10.9 mi Aldrich to Airport Dr skips paradise

10.9 mi Axton down Aldrich

12.3 mi Paradise Road past Woodlawn Cemetery

14.1 mi Paradise Road and down Bennett Drive

15 mi Paradise Road and Alderwood Ave

22.5 mi Paradise, Slater, Ferndale Dr, Marine Dr

From Park St

8.3/17 mi Lake Padden (crap: better:

6.3/13 mi Arroyo Park

13.0 mi To Lake Padden back via Interurban

23.4 mi Ferndale Dr, Slater Rd, Paradise Rd, Aldrich

32 mi Ferndale Dr, Lake Terrell Rd, Paradise Rd, Aldrich

37.1 mi Lake Terrell Rd, Red River Rd

25 mi Lake Samish

28 mi Ferndale Rd, Hovander, Paradise, Squalicum

 20/40mi To Fishermans Cove Marina via Slater, Red River:


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