Zuanich Park picnic, 2011 (pending spring)

Quick Update: there are no covered picnic benches at Zuanich, I’m not eager to tempt cooking hotdogs in winter at this park, we’ll reschedule this until better weather.

Here are ideas for a bike picnic to Zuanich park, (NOT on Jan 22, 2011) with Jed, Liam, Jesse and friends as available. Liam will be on his own bike, Jesse will be on the XC. The first trip to Cornwall park went very well and the only thing I skipped bringing was an extra fleece for myself. We arrived at Cornwall park closer to 11:25 than 11:15, this was leaving late and stopping for impromptu bike maintenance.

Meet At: Reynolds house, 10:30am. Bike safety check, add cell phone to the list. Map review. I’m happy to meet other attendees directly at the park or at a way point at a specified time (please contact me).

Food: sausages and hotdogs. I’ll bring the same amount of hot dogs, carrots, nuts, cheese and celery sticks. I suggest bringing a thermos of something warm to drink along with your own lunch. I’m happy to share surplus hotdogs and condiments.

Route: I like going down West St, up to Birchwood Park and then west along the path to south Squalicum beach (Bay to Baker Trail) over W. Illinois to Marine Dr. Left (south) on Marine drive to a right down Seaview, where we can pause at south Squalicum Beach. We’ll then head southeast on Roeder, go right on Coho and over to Zuanich. Lunch. Then we can take the bike route around the marina and back to Roeder, down to C street, through the west side Maritime Heritage Park, and then up the Old Village Trail to Elizabeth Park. This route skips the long uphill along Holly, and replaces it with two briefly steep climps out of Meritime Heritage. The Route Map is not entirely accurate because Google will not let me be so, so please excuse the minor inaccuracies. I’d guess we’ll be ready to head out of Zuanich at 12:30-12:45 and be back to Elizabeth Park by about 1:30, obviously taking our time.

Please contact me if you’re available or if you’d like to meet us there.

One response to “Zuanich Park picnic, 2011 (pending spring)”

  1. There are no covered benches at Zuanich, are there? That might make picnicing a drag if there’s no dry place to eat when raining. Suggestions on a Plan B welcome.

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