I quote a comment wrt to the proposed Oregon child bicycle law:

According the CDC ( ) :

“In the United States during 2005, 1,335 children ages 14 years and younger died as occupants in motor vehicle crashes, and approximately 184,000 were injured.”

Accordining to , which sourced it’s data from :

2008 data shows:

“Bicyclists 15 and under killed: 93. Injured: 13,000″

Based on Greenlick’s reasoning to save just one kids life, it makes more sense to first ban children in automobiles.

Ten times more are hurt in cars. Every new bike on the road makes driving safer by putting fewer cars on the road.

Thew away my helmet!

I took a spill on Friday on Maplewood. The concrete road has a rough lip where the asphalt shoulder meets it…and I didn’t stay clear of it. After I picked myself up and got out of the way of a bus and three cars waiting for me, I straightened my handlebars and was able to ride home. Once home, I checked my helmet. There was a crack in the cover and Liam quickly spotted a hairline crack in the foam on the inside cover of it.

I got a new helmet and threw the old one away. Its important to not keep damaged helmets about, because no one but you knows that they’re damaged, and you don’t want them using a damaged helmet. Thank goodness I was wearing the helmet. I don’t fancy a huge welt on my head and roadrash on my scalp.

It also doesn’t put me in a good mood to travel on Maplewood anymore, either. That’s a rough road, no smooth shoulder, no bike lane, and plenty of traffic. And URINE. A bunch of those houses around the motel smell like ammonia in a bad way.

BTW — There’s going to be MORE CONSTRUCTION on Northwest and it will be detoured onto Aldrich. While I like Aldrich, I liked that it was a quiet little farm road and I could safely claim the whole lane. If it’s detoured, it’s going to be filled with the trash trucks and what all that I hate to have pass me. And no bike lane. Stupid. I’m seriously considering Ferndale road for that whole week.