Sara Salo and her School Food Bicycle Tour

Let’s not take for granted what our kids eat in school. If you’ve actually looked at a school menu, I think you’d be distinctly disappointed. It’s filled with white flour and sugar: juice, cookies, and some combination of pizza, hamburger, grilled cheese or the like. By some standards that’s a nutritional nightmare.

I am fascinated by this bike tour, promoting school nutrition and bicycling.

Invert the USDA Dietary Guidelines! (Epoch Times)

We live in a society where dietary advice has been paid for by grain and dairy lobbyists. What we’re left with it a lot of false nutritional advice taught through television advertising. Our bodies need actual nutrients and enzymes: processed foods, soy and pasteurized products minimize those values in favor of sugar, salt and profit. Consider then why there will be 1 MILLION more diabetics in the world next year.

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