Actuary Report: Obesity costs $300BN

Actuary Report, quote from the summary:

…the total economic cost of overweightand obesity in the United States and Canada caused by medical costs, excess mortalityand disability is approximately $300 billion per year. The portion of this total due to overweight is approximately $80 billion, and approximately $220 billion is due to obesity. The portion of the total in the United States is approximately 90 percent of the total for the United States and Canada.

No wonder our insurance is going up. How long before insurance companies give serious plan incentives for companies to hire employees that have a spouse at home cooking organic meals and live car-lite?

Diabetes and Air Pollution (Science News)

I do not care for the title of this article, because the end of the article discusses how the trend is definitely not causational and might only relate to increased rates of obesity. We all know that air pollution is bad, and we all still drive a heck of a lot. So basically, even if there is an inflammatory relationship between small airborne particles and human health, this study is almost besides the point. We already know how to reduce pollution and get more exercise at the same time.

Air Pollution Appears To Foster Diabetes – Science News.