A Few Power Supply Wattage Calculators

When building your computer from components, these can help you size the power supply for the machine. This is especially useful if you want to build a solar powered computer.

Imagine Bank Subsidy for Community Solar

I stumbled up this news release about a bank in Uttar Pradesh,┬áIndia, that is providing loans to help install solar panels. I’m going to alter a section and make it more American just for the sake of illustration–to help you image the number of people this press release is talking about:

For providing the solar panels, Mumble Bank has partnered with a leading manufacturer of solar equipment. The solar panels costs US $305 US, of which the bank finances up to US $249. To purchase this system, beneficiaries must make a down payment of US $57 and pay equated monthly instalments of US $5.55 for 60 months (interest payable at 12% per annum). Mumble Bank chairman, Bob Mumble said: “By providing easy loans for setting up solar photovoltaic systems, we have been responsible for lighting up the homes of over 28,000 rural families. By March 2011, we plan to install 50,000 solar panels across the community.”

First point to make is obviously, I’m guessing the energy needs in rural India are very likely 1/10th American usage. But multiply those numbers by 10. Why are you not seeing flyers in your mail for this? Wouldn’t all banks and insurance companies be interested investing in this kind of economic stability in America? Someone–please tell me why solar installations seem so rare in America?

In Another Life: Solar Power

I am occasionally reminded of how much I admire the concepts of solar power and the future it could sustain.

If I were in a different line of work, it would likely be in the solar power industry. Renewable energy is a concept that’s satisfying to get behind, like it has become satisfying to become a bicycle commuter.

A casual googling for “Bellingham solar” brings up a hit to Western Washington Solar. The page summarizes a few very good points about making a domestic solar investment. If I didn’t have to worry about stockpiling savings and retirement (among other notable house projects), I would jump on a solar upgrade for my house. Unfortunately, it seems like a massive initial investment. I am very eager for prices in solar components to drop. (Who isn’t?)

I will blog more about solar power! I would love to hear from anyone who’s got a solar experience, even passive solar design. This is a topic I want to share.