UCTV Lecture on Sugar

Rosalind attends local Weston Price Foundation meetings. This weekend she came back bubbling about how this video they watched supported a lot of ideas that Sally Fallon writes about. Sugar: The Bitter Truth runs over an hour long, it’s a lecture.

Consider these points:

  • Fructose is metabolized more like alcohol, and has to be converted into fat before becoming glucose.
  • Sugar raises cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • “High LDL” is inaccurate: there is a difference between LDLs. There is no test for the difference between plaque LDL and “fluffy” LDL. A high HDL and low triglicerides is much healthier than low HDL and high triglycerides, and that’s how to judge your LDL score.

I won’t repeat the whole video, and I’ve heard many of the arguments before. Frankly, I think they merit a lifestyle change.

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