Biking When Pregnant? #biketowork

Wow, conventional wisdom certainly doesn’t agree with biking to work. I love too see this notion challenged. However, I’d guess that recumbents would be so much more comfortable when pregnant, no?

UCTV Lecture on Sugar

Rosalind attends local Weston Price Foundation meetings. This weekend she came back bubbling about how this video they watched supported a lot of ideas that Sally Fallon writes about. Sugar: The Bitter Truth runs over an hour long, it’s a lecture.

Consider these points:

  • Fructose is metabolized more like alcohol, and has to be converted into fat before becoming glucose.
  • Sugar raises cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • “High LDL” is inaccurate: there is a difference between LDLs. There is no test for the difference between plaque LDL and “fluffy” LDL. A high HDL and low triglicerides is much healthier than low HDL and high triglycerides, and that’s how to judge your LDL score.

I won’t repeat the whole video, and I’ve heard many of the arguments before. Frankly, I think they merit a lifestyle change.