Bullitt and EcoShopper — a Dynamic Duo

I’ve used my Larry v. Harry Bullitt with my Bicycle Revolutions EcoShopper trailer a surprising number of times. Just today I delivered about 200lbs of computer recycling to Haywire Computer in Bellingham. One of the conveniences is that I can yank the cotter pins on the trailer wheels and pack the wheels into the trailer and load the trailer into my bakfiets.








bungee keep the trailer tounge out of the spokes

Cars Passing Bikes: Do Gutter Bunnies Dress in Wigs?

Interesting news about how drivers act around bicyclists…there seems to be a space about 3 feet away from the curb. Too close to the gutter, and they assume they can pass closer. Also, lack of helmet and having long hair apparently promote further passing distance. Read more at cyclious and streetsblog. Remember — be conspicuous and predictable. Don’t duck between parked cars, cycle in a straight line as if you had a bike lane besides parked cars…otherwise you’re constantly mergine back into a lane of traffic.

Quick M-Wave Clip On Bicycle Handlebar Bag Review

So I bought one of these M-wave handlebar bags.

Pros: bigger than I expected.Waterproof material. Reflective strips. Very inexpensive.

Cons: no internal pocket, just one compartment. All black, reflective strips are small. Kinda floppy, it definitely sags forward. Handlebar bracket is intended for road bike gauge bars, I had the first handlebar bracket break promptly on me, the second bracket I filed out and mounted with inner-tube clippings because it didn’t come with accessories. Poor instructions.

Is it worth your time? Only if you have road handlebars and don’t load it heavily.

Clip On Bicycle Handlebar Bag: A Bike Store Quality Bicycles.

BTW: I bought mine from Amazon.com. That link above is the first place I found it. I don’t actually like the look of that site. Here’s an Amazon link.

Jesse Watches Whatcom Creek

Jesse was complaining a lot this morning about going to the library. At dinner time, he was very proud we did, though. To defray his anger, I swung by Maritime Heritage Park, and he happily ran around. I caught a picture of him absorbing the power of the rushing water.

Jesse, Whatcom Creek, 2010

Jesse, Whatcom Creek, 2010