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(D&D) New Occupation of Sing’jar

General Gaeal Bunfur, hobgoblin warlord, lead his troops west across the Sing’jar mountains after the orc shock troops. Following closer and sooner than planned, the hobgoblins lead with kobolds to capture the lagging orcs. The hobgoblins, kobolds and bugbears methodically captured and imprisoned the civilians of the area.

General Scabwart the Orc warlord was assassinated upon claiming the mayors mansion, and a hobgoblin coup d’état stole the city from the orcs. Bunfur installed new military leadership, if somewhat unconventional. The following mercenaries were brought into run the city:

Uulopa Sadgrin (Warlock. Human. Archfiend, L14)

  • Rudy’s Cloak of Escape +3
    A meld of Cloak of Etherialness and Cloak of Resistance: etherial travel for up to 5 min/day, +3 1/day, +2 2/day, then +1 to saving throws thereafter. Cloak of Darkness 1/day.

Wylan Darkglove (Oathbreaker Paladin. Human. L13)

  • Eucalor’s Helm of Control
    Wearer sends controllee into double rage if controllee has rage ability, or rage if controllee does not. Wearer takes -1 Con damage per use (lowers hit point max), healable with Greater Restoration. Target of controllee must be in sight of both controllee and wearer. Range 120. Requires concentration.

Yuseph Pitland (Necromancer . Human. L13)

  • Velkor’s Robe of Undead Animation
    Costs wearer 1 Con per maximum hit die added to corpose (lowers max HP, restored by Greater Restoration). Wearer can then spend (2x Max Monster Hit Die) HP to animate corpse (as Animate Dead) without components. Control maintained as per Animate Dead. Example: 8th level wizard (48hp) wearing robe spends 2 Con to raise two zombies, 1 d12HD and a 2d12 HD zombie: lowers HP to 32, spends (2*2)+(1*2) = 6 HP raising two zombies, is left with 26 HP.

(D&D) Spellcaster Armors from Gnomes of Faroth

The tunnels behind the iron mines above Rudbay on the East side of Faroth lead to a community of Forge Dwarves and Forge Gnomes. Their workshops produce meticulous magical works.

The Forge Domain of clerics (see Xanathar’s) is a good fit for the community of crafters below Faroth mountain. Their study of metallurgy is spiritual and highly disciplined.

One such company camped below is Jamnut Fender Works: Endowed Protection for Discerning Wizards. They have produced a number of intriguing products:

Wyxel’s Bracers: +1, attunement, holds 1 spell rune per, each side has component pouches, 1/2 damage reduction while spell casting, detect alignment.20171230_173944-302260414.jpg

Magpies Levitating Chain Cloak: +1, attunement, +3AC, encumbrance 0,+5 vs missiles, intelligence as Int 8, Dex 18, Con 16 Str 6, Cha 10, Wis 6 or as wind elemental. Bonus action: cloak can jump to next party member after their attack; limited to attuned alignment of first wearer, so it might jump to only good, neutral or evil party members as matching attuned owner. De-attunement via a visit to negative energy plane.

Peregrine’s Banded Feather Armor: +1, attunement, DR 5 v slashing and piercing, 0 encumbrance, worn under clothes, +1 acrobatics, Cure Greater twice per day after short rest.

(D&D) arrests and apprehensions

Wiri Bentspear had tasked Lothric, Tiberius, Ville, and Alex to apprehend Deronden and Alldar because they were a threat.

Traveling south, they encountered a small group of scavengers that were picking up detritus from the elven battle against the undead at the Galentaspar stone wall.

One of the members was a very shrewd lizard folk–with cheek flares like a commodo dragon. Another two were different colored Dragonborn. Lothric’s party approached them with discouraging looks and this motley crew of lizards admitted that they were helplessly drawn here, but wanted to adventure.

The group continued south for another half a day and arrived in Anitus in the late afternoon. Gregor spotted them and walked out to meet them on the road. As Gregor stepped out of the tent, Daturan and Allda spoke up to him: “No one else is invited here! Your friends are not our friends, they are not welcome!”

Gregor walked out to greet Lotheric, Tiberious and Alex and found a much larger group than when they split, days ago. Two more dragon born and a desert-style lizard folk was with the group. They all seemed intent on a mission, some were clearly enthusiastic for battle. To the middle of Anitus they wandered. When they walked past the slaves for sale at Trader Vic’s, some of them grabbed their swords but where pushed back into the group. In the middle of the pavilion they circled had a chaotic discussion across each other until they agreed to go into the Rock Pub.

When they entered the Rock Pub, the bartender called out, “the last group your size cost me money to replace all the furnature! You have to pay a cover charge–10 gold!” Some bickering but a lot of silver was shed and some of the group appeared to get a drink. The story about how Wiri Bentspear putting a hit out on Daturan and Allda was shared, and how the group was too big to all go after both, so they decided to split up.

Grigor looked out the tent flap of the pub while Arjihan looked back holding the flap open. Argihan noticed that two of the four half orcs that were present in the pub remained. Grigor saw a group of nine orcs and half orcs suddenly split from a conversation and run between tents the moment of eye contact. “Something’s up” Grigor said. The followed some of the orcs across the pavilion.

Allda was dressed in a grey cloak with black patches and sleeves stiff with pockets. Scanning the crowd, Trader Vic’s had a guard in a gray cloak with a spear. They approached. With so many people approaching, the human gaurd in the gray cloak asked, “You want to buy a slave?”

“No. where did you get your cloak?” Arjihan asked.

“A guy sold it to me, about an hour ago. Right here. Said it was too warm for him. A slave tore up my shirt earlier today so I bought it off him.”

This didn’t sit right with Grigor, Arjihan or Derek the Destroyer (dragonborn) and the human raised his hand and shot Arjihan with a fire bolt, and turned to run! Gregor struck him with his sword and Allda, now half orc again, fell to the ground behind the line of slaves, clutching his wound. The group immediately had to respond to two senior orc guards brandishing their scimitars at them. Grigor struck one of the orcs, and Arjihan launched a fireball right between them!

Which was a mistake…it caught the leatherworker’s tent on fire, plus brought three orc verterans out for the commander’s tent and leveled all the attention in the pavilion on them! Getting sticky much…?

Alex cast darkness on himself and urged the rest of the group to stick close to him. “We won’t be tracked if we run through the brimstone of the fire right before us!” And some of them were seared by the flames as they raced into the confligration but found themselves away from the orc patrol and on the track of Allda soon enough…

…for Derek to be struck by another fire bolt! He stumbled back at the corner of four tents and the rest of the group ran past to continue the chase. Arjihan tried to grab Allda, then Grigor. Next Derek and the Alex. Derek got hit by the next fire bolt–but Grigor launched forward to tackle Allda and Alex landed a solid blow with his quaterstaff that knocked Allda out.

Tying him up, they escaped north and met up with Lotheric, Ulipa and Tiberious, who has captured Daturan without, apparently, too much difficulty. After a brief rest, they walked north all evening, intermittently arguing about how the bounty was going to be split, and  at dawn, they stepped in front of Casino Bolito, and Ulipa was invited in, while a few other rest of the group bickered about how much gold they were getting.

Wiri met Ulipa, “You did better than I anticipated. I thought that Daturan was more of a threat. In fact, it seems you found him quite readily. Here’s what I promised…about…600 gold. She spread it out on the table and found 59 platinum and a 20GP gem. She pocketed the gem, and asked for a drink while she divided it into piles for the group, and then, after finishing her drink…redivided the piles, doubling many of them to reflect proportional shares.

“You’re getting paid today, crew!” Ulipa said, walking out of the casino. And most of them were happy, especially Lotheric, Alex and Tiberious, noticing their own larger bags. But how long do we remain such a large group…were what many of them were asking.

(D&D) Sep 24 game

Liam, Jesse and Brendan will be skipping this game. In game terms, we’re going to say Lothric, Tiberious, Laminar and Aradellus are leaving to scout the northern cairn.

Reminder: bring a lunch and your character sheets!

Faroth: Singing Dragon Scales Fight in the Den of the Bugbears

Our group, comprised of both Jesse R and Jesse P, Brendan, my character, Lothric, and the two NPCs Hadreus and Nillaffin, began the quest outside the entrance to the tunnels in which the bugbears had taken up accommodation.

The group schemed up an idea to use Grotto (Jesse R’s character, a halfling sorcerer), the stealthiest of the group, to run in and lure the bugbears out, into the fire that would be set around them. However, as Grotto was spelunking through the dark labyrinth of tunnels, he heard a faint clunking sound.

Assuming this was the bugbears, he cast light on a rock, threw it down the tunnel, and ran back to the party. Convinced he was followed, he told them to light the fire. However, no bugbears came through the tunnel. After several minutes of waiting, Brendan’s character, Lamanon (a halfling bard), ventured up on top of the cave, only to be ambushed, by a bugbear, and run through by a javelin. The bugbear, perhaps not the brightest, jumped down only to be annihilated by a flurry of blows from the whole party.

Not wanting to be sitting ducks, Jesse P’s character (a human cleric), Grotto, and Nillaffim all ventured down into the caves. They went onward, twisting down the narrow tunnel into darkness, until, suddenly, Nillaffin was grabbed by some unseen force, and pulled down deeper into the darkness. They rushed after him, and found themselves in an old prison, or bestiary, of sorts. After walking a few steps, a bugbear, covered in scars, cuts, and scabs, stumbled out of one of the cells, as angry as it was injured. In one blow, it felled the cleric, and sent the others screaming for help. Miraculously, the others heard, and rushed to their aid, sliding down the steep tunnel. Lothric was also nearly downed fighting the beast, but they succeeded in slaying it.

Moments later, the door at the end of the hall burst open, our party prepared for another bugbear, but instead they encountered Nillaffin, barely conscious, carrying the head of a slain bugbear. In the room he came from, they found a great portcullis, leading to the coliseum. There was a lever, but it appear protected against people’s hands touching it, so Lamanon used mage hand, pulled the lever, and opened the gate.

They escaped into the open coliseum, hoping for an easy walk back to camp, but the gods were feeling cruel today, and as they marched forward, a bugbear chieftain and his two guards ambushed them! They, dragging the corpse of their cleric, rushed up one of the watchtowers, bolted the doors, and fortified their position as much as possible.

In the tower, they found an old wooden chest, containing a first aid kit for competitors in the ancient tournaments the coliseum once held. With it they healed their cleric, who in turn healed the rest of the party. They rained projectiles on the advancing bugbear cohort, but the damage was minimal, and the bugbears rushed up the narrow stairs, smashing the doors as they went. They managed to defeat both of the however, by dropping flaming objects on their oily fur.

Finally, the chieftain charged up the stairs, straight into Nillaffin, crushing him, and very possibly killing him. Fortunately for our party, they were able to defeat him, as he was totally surrounded.

Faroth: Spider attack!

Faroth Adventure 2017-02-04

James: Sabanin
Lucas: Sakool
Alice: Erin
Dylan: Barron Poorrich
Rob: Taj
Alan: Laferic

The roosters crow in the gray morning of Sing’jar while our characters start their day. Shouts are heard and orcs are spotted on the horizon. Before the full city guard can make a line of defense, the orcs have over-run the city boundary and farmsteads are already aflame. Surviving city guards drop their spears and turn to try and save the residents, herding them to the marina. Our party is alongside the members of the soon to be members of the Singing Dragon Scales, getting sea sick, trying not to fall overboard, and after an interminably dark night, struggling off the fishing boat onto the pier at Faroth. Up they straggle to the town square and are greeted by the irascible captain of the guard, then they nap at Drafter Crushton’s ranch.

In the morning, they are greeted by Drafter and his rangers, and ranger Bildar picks Sakool, Erin, Taj, Barron Poorrich, Paladin Laferic, dwarf Sabonin, and mainland ranger Gragor to find a neighborhood in the northeastern ruins of ancient Faroth to settle. They don’t mind each other’s company. They chat a bit about retrieving the dragon-born Manja out of the bay when they were on the boat. They all seem to be in agreement that they can be a make-do group, but start to have doubts about Barron Poorrich, who tends to laugh at his own private jokes out loud.

After a mile of hiking, they find a relatively intact neighborhood in the ruins, once clearly populated by Dwarves. Runes are visible on doorways, and between three giant hill-sized boulders, is a dell harboring a stone-walled workshop, an open-sided blacksmiths forge, a small two room dwarven house (probably for the previous blacksmith), and the roofless remains of a museum: statuary and scupture were once whole on the pedestals and bleached remains of tapestries drift and swing on the walls. The forge is in surprisingly good condition: two sides of it were covered in blown sand and the mouths of half a dozen coal barrels quietly gape out of this accidental slope. The anthricite in the wooden barrels has started petrifying the wood. Tools are scattered amongst flaky and rust scabbed piles of once-iron sheets used to make iron. Stone pedestals in the workshop reveal body-shaped indentations used to for pounding iron sheeting into armor.

Bildir coaches the team on conserving wood, shows them how to find the ancient caches of charcoal buried in the sands of the island. The decide on shifts for tending the fire and keeping watch at night. Our group is tired and they decide to split into a watch and a rest shift. Bildir suggests the rangers and Erin the elf, gather for a moment of prayer to Elhona. They surround the carefully constructed circle of stones shrouding their small fire and each feed sticks into it with their prayers:

Elhona, we thank you for your guidance and protection
We have traveled far and lost much
Yet we remain to protect the forest and the life it gives
Please, Elhona, grant us luck in this new chapter of our lives

…and they bow their heads. And tingle! Erin looks at Gragor. Gragor looks at Taj, who looks at Sakool. They are surprisingly refreshed and feel like they have been touch with the grace of Elhona herself. No one knows if they will get to sleep if they feel this good.

Sabanin lays down in the workshop, his cloak under him, a burlap bag wadded up as a pillow, and stares up at the darkening ceiling. As the light fades, his the elven quality of his vision picks out a mist covering the underside of the roof slates. No wonder this building didn’t burn: slate roof, he thinks. But that mist isn’t campfire smoke. No…it’s spider web. He gets up and rustles Sakool, Erin and Gragor.

Sakool watches the web sway as if eight giant fingers walk their way across the web into the darkness of the loft–and takes a nervous step backwards. His mind races. Rangers protect wild life… but these last two days…He’s been the wildlife without a home. This is the only building for miles he can call his own. A giant spider is not going to share it with him. “Fire…” he mutters.

Sabanin, poking his head out the door, he tsk-tsks the Baron into the workshop. “What’s that?” he points. Barron Poorrich walks into the workshop and says, and ducks his hand into a pouch at his side. No, wrong pouch! Well, to heck with that—and throws a rock. The spider darts to the middle of the margin of the loft.

Erin hears him, but doesn’t know what to think. This is strange: why is this ranger so afraid? I should nock my bow…but how will the spider feel when we light it’s home on fire? Angry. “Open the door, and don’t block it!” she says.

Taj doesn’t want to kill a wild animal, but where are they going to live? The broken down forge? The museum without a roof? Maybe if they get to the back of the workshop they won’t attract attention…no chance. I have a staff! He leaps onto a work pedistal, does a leap and whacks the spider with his quarterstaff. A crunch of chitin is heard as the staff crushes one of the spider mandibles.

Barron Poorrich says, “Oh, I should burn this critter with acid–” but picks up a rusty iron plate and throws it at the spider—and whacks it in the face! Laferic races out to grab a burning stick from the fire pit. Sabonin unsheaths his short sword and grips his shield tightly. No dumb arachnid is going to munch on my friends…Gragor nocks an arrow. Sakool readies his bow. Erin fires and hits with a rich cracking sound as the arrow pierces the thorax.

The spider jumps! It springs at the Barron and Poorrich reflexively shoots an acid spell at the spider. His shot strikes low and sprays onto Taj who starts screaming. The spider falls onto the Barron, failing to bite with its broken mandibles. Sakool, Sabanin and Gragor strike, and the spider is pummeled to death in a moment, surrounded by the party.

Things are looking up as Taj and the Barron surprisingly agree on something: spider carapace and spinnerets are valuable spell components and magical armor materials. They might be able to sell these items in town. Maybe they won’t be in dire straights for very long if they continue to be this brave?