(D&D) arrests and apprehensions

Wiri Bentspear had tasked Lothric, Tiberius, Ville, and Alex to apprehend Deronden and Alldar because they were a threat.

Traveling south, they encountered a small group of scavengers that were picking up detritus from the elven battle against the undead at the Galentaspar stone wall.

One of the members was a very shrewd lizard folk–with cheek flares like a commodo dragon. Another two were different colored Dragonborn. Lothric’s party approached them with discouraging looks and this motley crew of lizards admitted that they were helplessly drawn here, but wanted to adventure.

The group continued south for another half a day and arrived in Anitus in the late afternoon. Gregor spotted them and walked out to meet them on the road. As Gregor stepped out of the tent, Daturan and Allda spoke up to him: “No one else is invited here! Your friends are not our friends, they are not welcome!”

Gregor walked out to greet Lotheric, Tiberious and Alex and found a much larger group than when they split, days ago. Two more dragon born and a desert-style lizard folk was with the group. They all seemed intent on a mission, some were clearly enthusiastic for battle. To the middle of Anitus they wandered. When they walked past the slaves for sale at Trader Vic’s, some of them grabbed their swords but where pushed back into the group. In the middle of the pavilion they circled had a chaotic discussion across each other until they agreed to go into the Rock Pub.

When they entered the Rock Pub, the bartender called out, “the last group your size cost me money to replace all the furnature! You have to pay a cover charge–10 gold!” Some bickering but a lot of silver was shed and some of the group appeared to get a drink. The story about how Wiri Bentspear putting a hit out on Daturan and Allda was shared, and how the group was too big to all go after both, so they decided to split up.

Grigor looked out the tent flap of the pub while Arjihan looked back holding the flap open. Argihan noticed that two of the four half orcs that were present in the pub remained. Grigor saw a group of nine orcs and half orcs suddenly split from a conversation and run between tents the moment of eye contact. “Something’s up” Grigor said. The followed some of the orcs across the pavilion.

Allda was dressed in a grey cloak with black patches and sleeves stiff with pockets. Scanning the crowd, Trader Vic’s had a guard in a gray cloak with a spear. They approached. With so many people approaching, the human gaurd in the gray cloak asked, “You want to buy a slave?”

“No. where did you get your cloak?” Arjihan asked.

“A guy sold it to me, about an hour ago. Right here. Said it was too warm for him. A slave tore up my shirt earlier today so I bought it off him.”

This didn’t sit right with Grigor, Arjihan or Derek the Destroyer (dragonborn) and the human raised his hand and shot Arjihan with a fire bolt, and turned to run! Gregor struck him with his sword and Allda, now half orc again, fell to the ground behind the line of slaves, clutching his wound. The group immediately had to respond to two senior orc guards brandishing their scimitars at them. Grigor struck one of the orcs, and Arjihan launched a fireball right between them!

Which was a mistake…it caught the leatherworker’s tent on fire, plus brought three orc verterans out for the commander’s tent and leveled all the attention in the pavilion on them! Getting sticky much…?

Alex cast darkness on himself and urged the rest of the group to stick close to him. “We won’t be tracked if we run through the brimstone of the fire right before us!” And some of them were seared by the flames as they raced into the confligration but found themselves away from the orc patrol and on the track of Allda soon enough…

…for Derek to be struck by another fire bolt! He stumbled back at the corner of four tents and the rest of the group ran past to continue the chase. Arjihan tried to grab Allda, then Grigor. Next Derek and the Alex. Derek got hit by the next fire bolt–but Grigor launched forward to tackle Allda and Alex landed a solid blow with his quaterstaff that knocked Allda out.

Tying him up, they escaped north and met up with Lotheric, Ulipa and Tiberious, who has captured Daturan without, apparently, too much difficulty. After a brief rest, they walked north all evening, intermittently arguing about how the bounty was going to be split, and  at dawn, they stepped in front of Casino Bolito, and Ulipa was invited in, while a few other rest of the group bickered about how much gold they were getting.

Wiri met Ulipa, “You did better than I anticipated. I thought that Daturan was more of a threat. In fact, it seems you found him quite readily. Here’s what I promised…about…600 gold. She spread it out on the table and found 59 platinum and a 20GP gem. She pocketed the gem, and asked for a drink while she divided it into piles for the group, and then, after finishing her drink…redivided the piles, doubling many of them to reflect proportional shares.

“You’re getting paid today, crew!” Ulipa said, walking out of the casino. And most of them were happy, especially Lotheric, Alex and Tiberious, noticing their own larger bags. But how long do we remain such a large group…were what many of them were asking.

Faroth: Jail Birds in the Mansion 

Liam (DM) : Lothric; Dillon: Lord Baron Ultrapoor; Jesse: Grotto; Sunny: Zendra; Brendan: Laminon

The group awakens
and begins walking along the road towards the ruins. In the distance they see riders heading their way. Lord Baron leads the sprint towards the ruins. Lothric picks up Grotto and Laminon and breaks into a lop . Zendra is left to fend for her self, but she is running fast. Breathing hard, the group makes it safely to the ruins. The other members of the Singing Dragon scales met them in the coliseum.

Bildur tells his story. He was simply trying to get help at the mansion to save the citizens from the monsters. He was taken hostage after engaging in a fight, (he feels unjustly)and tied up. The group is so tired they take a long rest.

Upon awakening, the group hears hoof beats in the coliseum outside the Library. A single rider approaches.

“A Message! A Message” one of the town guards shouts from the coliseum. Lifting pictures of each of the group in turn, the guard declares that they are wanted for arson, murder, and freeing a prisoner. All the people start staring at the group. The group retreats to a small room in the back of the ruined library. They hear a knock on the door…

But the door is mostly splinters and is shoved open without effort. “What are we going to say we’re asked if we actually did the things we are accused of?” They all fumble about with a sad story. Then…sad silence: “We need to get a better story.”

The group decides to go find Bildur. They meet up with a band of rangers and are told that Bildur just left to go to the beach. They asked the rangers if the guards of the mansion are malevolent and get a noncommittal answer. The rangers also requests that they do not tell anyone what they said.

The group decides to go into the town. They run afoul the townspeople when Zendra ties to pick someone’s pockets…in the middle of the street in broad daylight. The mark spun around on her and immediately recognized Zentra from the recent news from the town guard. “GAURD!” the woman yells. Lothrick palm-faces in frustration. Lord Baron puts on the ring, becomes invisible and makes a run for it, escaping to the ruins. Laminon glances around for any route or exit. There is nowhere to go.

Gaurdsmen talking to Dovetail the carpenter right next door race out to the street and brandish their swords. The group is arrested for resisting arrest, murder, arson. The group protests and are told that refugees have no rights. Grotto cries “revolution” and he is struck down by a guard. The group is bound at the wrists and to a chain. The captured group is are led away to the Mansion. They do not enter the front door, they are taken around the back to a sunken stairway and marched down into dungeon. Lothric and Zendra go into one cell and Grotto and Laminon are placed in another cell.

They sit in their cells, cursing Zendra. Zendra curses Laminon for not being a bigger better fighter. They quiet down when they hard a scraching at an overhead cell window. They smell Lord Baron Ultrapoor. He passes his ring down to the prisoners imploring “keep it secret, keep it safe…”

Ultrapoor, now visible, turns the corner and bumps directly into the Captain of the Gaurd who is on him like a hawk. Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, he spins the Baron right around and marches him into the dungeon, complaining about the stench.

The Door opens and in walks Lord Baron, escorted by some shamed guards just roundly cursed by the Captain. They shove him into the cell. Grotto casts a spell of silent image and Laminon casts mage-hand to steal the keys. Grotto pulls out his magic missile and shoots the guard in his chest and shoulder, making him very mad. The guard stabs at Grotto with his short sword. Grotto falters, losing half his health. The already irritated gaurd shouts and berates Grotto, “stupid little punk!” The second guard comes back down the stair with a crossbow and keeps it aimed into the cell as a warning. The group’s spirit falters and they sit in silence.

The following morning the group lead out of their cells, one at a time, and their hands are bound back on the prisoner chain. They are led up an interior stairway out of the dungeon and up a second flight of stairs into Ships Hall, the city hall chambers. Four gaurds stand above them with spears pointed down at the group, each above a corner of the gaoler’s pit: a sunken, gaurd-railed section near the right side of the room tucked beneath the bottom of the mayor’s transom.

Upon the transom, the Mayor, a tall, pale man with pronounced cheek bones and a skinny chin, small glasses and very short gray hair, stares down at them in disgust. “This lot…” He grumbles and waives his hand to proceed. The bailif loudly declares the charges. The captain of the guard affirms them. “And I cought one who was trying to escape, too!” The mansion guards involved in the incident at the burned guard house above the hidden prison entrance tell a story of being attacked. The town gaurds tell their story about capturing Zendra and the wife of the baker affirms it from the audience.

The “Sunken Dragon Scales” attempt to refute the charges. “We can show you the entrance to the prison! It’s not legal! We didn’t burn the house down, we were just trying to get back to town.” The Mayor motions to the Captian of the Guard to come forward. “Baidur, these people sound earnest. We will take two horses and a guard will take…that one, in chains, with him and myself to inspect those ruins. We shall return within the hour. The Mayor pointed at Laminon, who was sized by the gaurds, released from the chain and lifted out of the group.

The mayor leaves to retrace the path that Laminon describes and they arrive to see the evidence at the ruins. When they try to follow the path they took originally. When they arrive at the charred house remains there is no opening in the basement floor when they scrape the ashes away. “Losing a house is losing a large fortune in wood on this island. No native of Faroth would ever let this happen.” They mayor acts unconvinced of the groups story and they ride back quickly, in silence.

Marching back into Ship Hall, the mayor shouts, “Baliff! Proceed with sentancing! These people are time-wasting trouble-making criminals and I won’t have them set free by any means.” Lord Baron and Zendra are sentenced of 8 years hard labor in the iron mines. Grotto, Laminon and Lotheric are sentenced to execution. Stunned silence for a second. Then one of the towns people, probably the baker, mutters “good riddance!”

Back they went, and were all packed into one cell. The guard sits at the end of the stairway for a few minutes, then gets up to stretch, and then just leaves. Laminon casts mage-hand again and pulls their equipment bit by bit across the floor into their own cell. While this is happening, Grotto stands on Lotheric’s shoulders to pry a stone free with a dagger. By midnight, with a wrecked spoon of a dagger, a stone is quietly lowered to the floor, used as a step stool and the party squeezes out of the window.

They sneak out of the shrub ring and then, under the over of the trees scramble down the bluff to avoid being seen on the road. The docks are quiet, but out of the harbor-master’s office, a sea elf steps forward, calling good night to the harbormaster. It is Mon’Eu-lon, who Lotheric met two days before in the Axe and Sparrow. Mon’Eu-lon agrees to take them to South Faroth.

Shouts are heard from up in the town. “All aboard!” Mon whispers and points to his ship. The wind picks up and the clouds release hail. The Freezing Dragon Scales shiver on the deck for two hours while Mon and his first mate tack south to Bibbon bay. Arriving at the island the group breathes a sigh of relief and the hail ebbs as they tie up to the dock at Bibbon. What new adventures await them now?