Battle for Sing’jar is Wrapping Up

barrel-headOur adventurers have fought their way into the city to find it almost undefended and bodies strewn everywhere. Clouds where darkening and something that was not quite lightning was flashing in the sky. They encounter a steaming crater with four bearded devils surrounding a bone devil trapped in a small stone house in the middle of the crater. Much fighting later, they exit the crater triumphant.

They speak with the crows watching them, and they find the elven spy, trapped in a small brick building. The spy tells them that the hobgoblins are lead by three unusually powerful magic wielders and hundreds of hobgoblins have been heading to the cliffs on at the east of the bay. Soon, they find a wounded hobgoblin who leads them to the island armory and they were met by Wylan Darkglove, an oathbreaker paladin in black armor and black batwings on his helmet…one of the commanders of the hobgoblin army.

“We have been paying attention to you lot!” He loudly begins, “We came here and took care of…pacified the orcs, because they would destroy this city and then no one could make any money here. But we discovered that our hobgoblin ranks had been infiltrated by undercover devils, and we’ve had to change our plans. Your agressive fighting has taken out multiple paltoons and sickened a whole neighborhood. Well that stops. You have a new enemy to fight.”

“A legion of devils waits behind the a dimentional portal eager to flood this land and take if for themselves. We have the orcs in a cave under the cliffs waiting to be our frontal assult to try and plug this hole. Unfortunately, devils are landing squads into Sing’jar through dimentional tears. A full scale attack is immenent!”

Our adventurers are shown the armory and promptly upgrade their equipment. In the morning, they march out to the cliffs behind two platoons of hobgoblins. The two platoons enter the now glowing tunnel in the cliffs. Almost there, a dark funnel cloud and an unnatural humming in the air deliver two squads of bearded and chain devils and flying spined devils. Following far behind our adventurers two platoons of hobgoblins are marching forward. Battle ensues!

Exhaused, most of their spells used and tricks expended, they finally enter the tunnel. A hundred feet into the gigantic tunnel, there is a shimmering dimensional portal that hobgoblins are coming out of, bloody and wounded. Stepping from the shadows, a bronze skinned man in a simple tank silk wrap speaks up, “Welcome! I recognise some of you from Dracofang island.” It is the humanoid form of the bronze dragon that lives near Faroth island.

“I hope you will be heros of this battle soon. The door to the material plane the demons are on will open soon. This is a portal we opened for a sneak attack. We have learned that the devils are using an enchanted monolith as their means of interdimentional travel. It is about 200 yards from our own portal. It is four foot wide, two feet thick, and twelve feet tall. We need you to break it.”

Our party is unprepared. They balk at first, but Arjihan proposes a plan: “We drive a wedge through the devils so we can get to the monolith. We then detonate our Handy Haversack by throwing a bag of holding into it, and that should transport the monolith to the astral plane!”

“I think I have someone who can help you,” the bronze man says, “it is Thromcron, the stone giant of Faroth. I transported him away from Crimskill before Crimskill landed the killing blow. He is asleep, floating in a pocket of an astral plane, waiting for his last battle. He can probably break the monolith. Lead him safely through the battle so he can use the last of his strength.”

(D&D) New Occupation of Sing’jar

General Gaeal Bunfur, hobgoblin warlord, lead his troops west across the Sing’jar mountains after the orc shock troops. Following closer and sooner than planned, the hobgoblins lead with kobolds to capture the lagging orcs. The hobgoblins, kobolds and bugbears methodically captured and imprisoned the civilians of the area.

General Scabwart the Orc warlord was assassinated upon claiming the mayors mansion, and a coup de tat stole the city from the orcs. Bunfur installed new military leadership, if somewhat unconventional. The following mercenaries were brought into run the city:

Uulopa Sadgrin (Warlock. Human. Archfiend, L14)

Wylan Darkglove (Oathbreaker Paladin. Human. L14)

Yuseph Pitland (Necromancer . Human.

Eucalors Helm of Control
Sends controllee into rage or double rage CON damage to controller
Target must be in sight of both
Range 120
Requires concentration

Welkers Robe of Spirit Shifting
Allows raise dead / control dead
By touching dead and living subject
Costs 1 con per use
Effects as per Finger of death

Ring of Malignment
Used when bring a spirit into a body, changes the spirit alignment to evil. Transfer +2 int to strength.

Bugbear Platoon

Platoon Structure

Hobgoblin General Brunfur’s veteran batallion occupying Sing’jar have plenty of resources, and the battle to get north involved fighting elves, drow and orcs. Bugbears are trained as rangers and gnolls are trained as shock troops. Platoons have wizards and clerics as part of the team as well. Goblins are not even offered non-commissioned status: they are kept as conscripted troops and slave servants. There are 30-150 goblins per platoon, typically centered in service to the Lieutenant’s command in service of all the cooking, cleaning and platrol of the command camp.

  1. Squad 1
    1. Team 1
      1. Corporal, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
    2. Team 2
      1. Corpral, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
      4. Fighter
    3. Team 3
      1. Sergeant, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven, Worg
      2. Ranger, Bugbear
      3. Cleric Hobgoblin
      4. Fighter
  2. Squad 2
    1. Team 4
      1. Corporal, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
      4. Fighter
    2. Team 5
      1. Corporal, Ranger, Bugbear, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
    3. Team 6
      1. Sergeant, Fighter, Raven, Worg
      2. Cleric Hobgoblin
      3. Fighter
      4. Fighter
  3. Squad 3
    1. Team 7
      1. Corporal, Bugbear Ranger, Dire Wolf, Raven
      2. Gnoll Fighter
      3. Gnoll Fighter
    2. Team 8
      1. Lieutenant, Fighter, Worg, Raven
      2. Wizard, Hobgoblin, Horse
      3. Bugbear Ranger
      4. Cleric Hobgoblin

Platoon Stat Blocks






To Hit/Damage

Dire Wolves: 4/2 800 48/6d10+12 15 (leather) +6/2d6+4 bite, +6/1d4+6 claw (1-3 attacks)
Hobgoblin Fighter 4/2 450 39/6d8+12 17 (half plate) +4/1d6 +2 longsword


Gnoll Fighter 4/2 450 39/7d8+2 17 (studded leather) +6/1d4+6 bite,

+6/1d6+6 spear,

+5/1d6+5 (x2) dual short swords

Hobgoblin Clerics: 5/3 700 53/8d8+16 17 (half plate) +6/1d10+6 war hammer
Hobgoblin Wizard: 4/2 650 42/8d6+16 12 (amulet, robe)
Hobgoblin Ranger: 4/2 650 53/8d8+16 17 (Breastplate, buckler) +5/1d8+5 longsword
+5/1d8+5 longbow
Bugbear Ranger: 5/3 800 65/10d8+20 17 +5/2d8+3 morningstar

+6/1d8+4 longbow

Raven: 1
Corporal Bugbear: 6/4 1600 71/11d8+22 17 +6/2d8+4 +1 morn

+7/1d8+5 longbow

Corporal Gnoll (dual wielding) 5/4 1500 42/7d8+8 18 leather/mail shirt +9/2d4+4 bite, poison

+9/1d6+9 glaive

+7/1d6+9, +5/1d6+5 dual shortsword (2 attack)

Corporal Hobgoblin: 3/4 1600 46/7d8+13 17 (half plate) +5/2d6+4 greatsword
Sergeant Hobgoblin: 6/6 3200 97/13d8+39 20 (plate, shield) +9/1d8+6 +1 greatsword
Lieutenant Hobgoblin: 9/7 6500 115/16d8+45 21 (plate +1 sh) +13/2d8+9 +2 greatsword
Worgs: 4/2 58/8d10+8 14 (leather) +7/2d6+7, DC14 trip

The teams with fewer members are often supplemented with goblins, gnolls, bugbears or mercenary specialiists.

The Gnoll corporals are part of a dual-wielding training regimen that gives them two attacks when dual wielding their short swords.


(D&D) Pushing a Lion with a Donkey

The orcs that razed Sing’jar quickly took the mayors manor on the north plateau overlooking the north bay, smashing the porcelain and hording the silver. The art on the walls was thrown in a bonfire to celebrate the conquest of the civilized peoples of Sing’jar. To bring the rejoicing destruction to its pinnacle, Scabwart Blaktooth, the aged commander of the orc assault legion, herded the mayor, her husband, the half-elven retinue, and the gnome ambassador of Faroth on the mayoral barge, and murdered them while the ship was set alight with burning pitch. General Blaktooth swam back to shore with a refreshed grin on his face and ordered the wine cellar opened.

Orcs, half-orcs, and kobolds filled their cups with the mayors wine and set about the gardens, seeing what would take to fire, and stomping what would not burn. Cattle that bolted were caught and spits were erected to roast fine cattle and sheep. The best eating the Blaktooth orcs remembered for decades! Most grew up in the Galentaspar region, catching small rodents and working the granite piles constantly watched by Drow or their lieutenants.

hobgoblin-archer-silScabwart sat back on a couch that had been hefted atop an overturned cart for a good vantage point of the looting. The mayor’s silver platter with a side of beef ribs was sitting near and a water bucket half filled with wine was sitting in his lap. The sun would rise in about two hours and the December air was as cold as he’d ever experienced it. He moved the bucket to the table and wrapped a tapestry—something with dumb fey hominids on it—around him, and resumed pouring the wine into his mouth.

Geael Brunfur, a heavily maned hobgoblin with gray whiskers and white eyebrows kicks gnawed ribs away as he approached Scabwarts makeshift dinner post. “Dining in pleasure, I see, General Blaktooth!” Gaeal shouted as he approached.

Wat? Oh, Gaeal! GAEAL! Hah!,” (spits), “I love this campaign! Such routing of elves! Such frightened civilians! What enjoyably week militia! Ate them we did! We will be eating these prisoners for weeks!” Scabwart smiled, then winced, as a raindrop hit him in the eye.

“General,” Gaeal continued as he made himself a seat next to the orc on the couch, “Its time to discuss some rear guard actions. Our last supply chain has made it through the woods and follows your host. I say, but you’ve left us with very little to eat in your wake. It’s a good thing we came with some rations. I never knew a whole city…a whole city! Hah! A whole city would barely fill your appetite!”

“An orc’s apetite is never sated when there are fey around, you know this you old goblin!” Scabwart poked at Brunfur’s arm, then smacked away the hobgobin’s hand that was reaching for a rib on the tray. “Mine, you old thief! Your help is appreciated, but I won this fight and you won’t pull the carcass out from under my claws while I’m chewing it! Do what you want with the rear guard. There’s plenty to go around, you lot of beggars. And why are you souring my meal with work talk? Why aren’t your beating some half elf or chewing on some damned dwarf’s leg? Don’t you enjoy how they squeal? Isn’t it delightful?”

“Yes…yes, general. But you must meet the new city managers I’ve brought along. We want to keep the shipyards running, you know. Here, here—meet Logician Uulopa Sadgrin our new city manager…and here is our new guard captain Wylan Darkglove, he’ll organize the our defenses…and here’s Yuseph Pitland, our new Dockmaster, too keep trade in the bay profitable.”

Scabwart’s grin faltered and his upper lip raised in a perplexed scowl as three cloaked and devious characters came into the firelight. There was the shadows of hobgoblin warriors behind each, hands on hilts, at attention. Replacing his wine bucket and resting his hands at his sides at this development, Scabwart knew he needed to move first, but move smoothly. There was a dagger in each of his palms already. These hobgoblins were too orderly…to sure of themselves to ever be trusted.

“Plans can wait for the morning,” the General said as he raised his half-fist towards the old hobgoblin, “we didn’t expect you for days. You’re early! What we need official-like peoples here for already, Brunfur?” And while enunciating his name, Scabwart flicked the dagger right at Gaels throat and threw his left handed dagger at skinny figure Uulopa Sadgrin. His hands were on his scimitar before the daggers would land!

The dagger thrown at Uulopa merely caught in his thick robes. Scabwart felt time slow down as he watched as the dagger flopped to the ground. General! General, we’re under attack! The screams of the captured were now the shrieks of orcs? Something caught Scabwart’s eye as he began the swing of his scimitar towards Brunfur—a orc was standing next to him waving his hands to stop him? Why preserve the life of crappy hobgob? The scimitar seemed to cut individual wisps of smoke as it lazily traced its path to the hobgoblin. Why is the rack of ribs smacking me in the face?

Brunfur pulled the dagger out of his shoulder armor, rose and plunged it into the back of the clearly confused and disoriented Scabwart. Scabwart cringed in meek terror at the surprisingly brutal attack. Uulopa stepped forth with a green glow about the blade of a darkened iron dagger and with the phrase for Tharzidun! Jabbed his dagger into the orc general’s eye and watched as his flesh bubbled as boils and gangrene spread across Scabwart’s shrieking face.

Dawn broke through the smoky darkness surrounding the mansion, and a new bonfire was erected: the wood of the outbuildings of the manner was piled and set alight and as the flames fought the falling raindrops, dozens of orc bodies were heaped on the pyre. Gaeal Brunfur set up command of his hobgoblin army in the captured mayor’s mansion, and took command from the invading orcs.

Behind the platoons of orcs that slaughtered the defenders of Sing’jar, larger ranks of goblins commanded by hobgoblins pulled the supply chain behind. No one likes orcs. Especially not when there’s money to be made. Sing’jar is where money and power will be made, and General Gaeal Brunfur was just beginning to see his plan set in motion.