Quick M-Wave Clip On Bicycle Handlebar Bag Review

So I bought one of these M-wave handlebar bags.

Pros: bigger than I expected.Waterproof material. Reflective strips. Very inexpensive.

Cons: no internal pocket, just one compartment. All black, reflective strips are small. Kinda floppy, it definitely sags forward. Handlebar bracket is intended for road bike gauge bars, I had the first handlebar bracket break promptly on me, the second bracket I filed out and mounted with inner-tube clippings because it didn’t come with accessories. Poor instructions.

Is it worth your time? Only if you have road handlebars and don’t load it heavily.

Clip On Bicycle Handlebar Bag: A Bike Store Quality Bicycles.

BTW: I bought mine from Amazon.com. That link above is the first place I found it. I don’t actually like the look of that site. Here’s an Amazon link.

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