Bullitt and EcoShopper — a Dynamic Duo

I’ve used my Larry v. Harry Bullitt with my Bicycle Revolutions EcoShopper trailer a surprising number of times. Just today I delivered about 200lbs of computer recycling to Haywire Computer in Bellingham. One of the conveniences is that I can yank the cotter pins on the trailer wheels and pack the wheels into the trailer and load the trailer into my bakfiets.








bungee keep the trailer tounge out of the spokes

NFC description reminds me of RFID, plus environmental consequences?


This is a rah-rah article about NFC, provides a nice introduction to the topic, and explores other possible applications.

My thoughts range the map: is technology like this going to impact people who lack smart phones and online payment creds in an unfair way? Will default identity setting on these devices drill into your email, facebook, or phone provider profile? And even if you have a preview of the transacted data, you still have dialog-box-fatigue (think UAC).
RFID tags are not, to my knowledge, recyclable. NFC tags…another bit of disposable trash? That’s pretty insulting, there will be a billion of these things printed in no time at all. And like used hard drives, NFC tags are going to be brimming with personal information. Take the healthcare example in the article – what do you think a bitter hospItal janitor could get for ten of those tags? A hundred?
The thin profile of these makes them effortlessly transportable.

Other security implications would probably come in the form of proxy tags: someone is going to come up with a man-in-the-middle tag, and hide it as a transparent vinyl sticker or a strip magnetic picture frame they walk up to once a day and glean the stolen data by swiping their phone over it. Or they mod an RFID tag and just walk by it with a bluetooth RFID tag reader on their pocket.

Much scrutiny needs to be applied to these NFC interactions, as RFID enabled passports has already taught us.

No-weld homebuilt recumbent? Cruzbike!

I was reading this EcoVelo post on multi-modal bicycling and there were a shower of comments about this recumbent called Cruzbike. Not only are there stock models, but there is also a build kit that you can take a y-frame full suspension mountain bike and turn it into a ‘bent. Some Cruzbike discussion on bikeforums. Why would you want a ‘bent MTB conversion? For starters, you can place it on a bus bike rack,  (can’t do that with any long frame bikes). Also, an average recumbent listed on craigger’s is often hundreds of dollars. This is relatively quick and much more affordable way to put a used MTB into service as a commuter.


Picture of homebuilt MTB recumbent conversion

Homebuilt MTB recumbent conversion

Post Consumer Fenders

Disposable water bottles are a tricky substance to work with, apparently: PET plastics do not glue, or heat-weld easily. However, people have been using them to create bicycle fenders.

Re-molded post consumer plastic mudflaps.

Fenders assembled from drinking bottles.

Coroplast and aluminum fender.

I assume that other styles of aluminum and pop-bottle fenders might be assembled out of bottle plastic “scales” and zip ties, also.

Bent PVC pipe. This is actually really cool, but I read that once bent with a heat gun, it becomes pretty brittle. Love bending it around a rim, tho, totally appropriate tool to use as a form.

pvc front fender

pvc front fender

pvc rear fender

pvc rear fender

Bamboo is pretty expensive, commercially, and needs to be laminated or varnished.