No-weld homebuilt recumbent? Cruzbike!

I was reading this EcoVelo post on multi-modal bicycling and there were a shower of comments about this recumbent called Cruzbike. Not only are there stock models, but there is also a build kit that you can take a y-frame full suspension mountain bike and turn it into a ‘bent. Some Cruzbike discussion on bikeforums. Why would you want a ‘bent MTB conversion? For starters, you can place it on a bus bike rack,  (can’t do that with any long frame bikes). Also, an average recumbent listed on craigger’s is often hundreds of dollars. This is relatively quick and much more affordable way to put a used MTB into service as a commuter.


Picture of homebuilt MTB recumbent conversion

Homebuilt MTB recumbent conversion

Anticipating Seattle to Portland 2011

I’m looking forward to riding my recumbent in the STP this summer. I have never ridden a century, so not even a double century. I’m not concerned about the amount of saddle time since I am not riding a diamond frame.

I have met three people so far that have, but I haven’t had much time to talk with them. I’m curious about the halfway point, and how likely I’ll be to find anyone that might like to keep my pace.

Are you riding in STP 2011 ? Have you ridden it before? Did you take one or two days? How does the halfway point work? Please share!