Anticipating Seattle to Portland 2011

I’m looking forward to riding my recumbent in the STP this summer. I have never ridden a century, so not even a double century. I’m not concerned about the amount of saddle time since I am not riding a diamond frame.

I have met three people so far that have, but I haven’t had much time to talk with them. I’m curious about the halfway point, and how likely I’ll be to find anyone that might like to keep my pace.

Are you riding in STP 2011 ? Have you ridden it before? Did you take one or two days? How does the halfway point work? Please share!

2 responses to “Anticipating Seattle to Portland 2011”

  1. I rode day 1 of STP with my girlfriend last year on our tandem. We didn’t really like it. The day 1 route is some of the least interesting pavement in washington. I’d suggest going for a tour on the coast instead, but that’s just me.

  2. Actually, I had a flare up of tendinitis, so I’m not actually looking forward to STP this year. It wouldn’t be smart to try and race to catch up on a training schedule I fell off due to in insidious injury, would it? I do look forward to doing a 50 mi leg of Tour de Whatcom and a 50 mile leg of Chuckanut Century still. Pretty sure I can train to those.

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