Post Consumer Fenders

Disposable water bottles are a tricky substance to work with, apparently: PET plastics do not glue, or heat-weld easily. However, people have been using them to create bicycle fenders.

Re-molded post consumer plastic mudflaps.

Fenders assembled from drinking bottles.

Coroplast and aluminum fender.

I assume that other styles of aluminum and pop-bottle fenders might be assembled out of bottle plastic “scales” and zip ties, also.

Bent PVC pipe. This is actually really cool, but I read that once bent with a heat gun, it becomes pretty brittle. Love bending it around a rim, tho, totally appropriate tool to use as a form.

pvc front fender
pvc front fender
pvc rear fender
pvc rear fender

Bamboo is pretty expensive, commercially, and needs to be laminated or varnished.


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