You Want a Vertex Turbo

Unless you want to go all spendy on an Intel X25-M or X25-E…However, after reading Anand’s SSD Anthology, the best value SSD is the OCZ Vertex Turbo. Some of my lingering questions have been answered!

OCZ Vertex Turbo

TRIM commands provide a modest performance enhancement if the drive is not near capacity. However as drives approach capacity, TRIM support doesn’t help random write performance. Intel is the winner here, but the OCZ Vertex is a clear second. Anand’s review indicates that any other SSD is likely using a cheap JMicron controller and will “stutter and pause” in ways that platters don’t. The upshot of this is: inferior SSD controllers, even with TRIM support, would still stutter and pause when near capacity. TRIM support would give you a little more time to avoid getting there, but you’ll likely get there no matter what.

Basically, the Vertex is the only affordable SSD that performs better than a VelociRaptor at “used condition” random writes. Given that any read activity will be lightning fast compared to rotational media, this is much better performance than winchester raid and without the latency spikes that JMicron controllers exhibit.

The value of TRIM support and RAID. Intel and Adaptec, et. al., have indirectly mentioned to various forum moderators that they’re going to support TRIM on RAID controllers RSN. I wouldn’t wait, actually. Striping the Vertex would be fine, it would help random write performance by decreasing the amount of writes per drive. Read performance will ROCK!