XP System Does a Dodge Monaco Ka-Boom!

Apparently, the Dodge Monaco was the cop car in the Blues Brothers movie that served Ellwood so well. It came to a catastrophic end, of course. My mom just had her seven year old Dell do a Dodge Monaco Boom on her:

> I’m very glad that I kept the old machine running all the time until I
> completed Dad’s project (his Desert Symposium volume – 292 pages worth
> of science, hideous tables, multiple weird symbols, and huge graphics).
> Once it was off to the printer **and** the printer said the file was
> okay, I turned off the machine. When I started it up again the next day,
> catastrophic failure! One of the programs even had a pop-up message that
> said exactly that.
Seven years for a Dell desktop computer–wow! We knew it was dying so it hadn’t been turned off for like two or three weeks because it was clearly close to it’s end.