Lightfoot Cycles: Smoothie

At LinuxFest Northwest I met an avid bicyclist: Victor Odlivak. He pointed out a northwest recumbent bicycle manufacturer named Lightfoot Cycles. Victor sent me a link to their Smoothie model. I am impressed by the features on this recumbent–it has a BionX power assist and a bench seat. This would appeal to riders that have hills to climb on their commute and might be averse to forward-bent posture on a upright bicycle. Long-arm handlebars are much more intuitive to operate than hip-level steering as well.

Lightfoot Cycles makes a variety of recumbent bikes and trikes.

Lightfoot also produces trikes (with power assist). I have opined here previously that I think recumbent trikes are an ideal HPV solution for mothers with children and groceries, or anyone with limberness challenges where balance or straddling a tall top-tube is not an option. Many of the Lightfoot trikes look like they can haul enough cargo to become an ice-cream cart, taco-stand, or even lug a keg of beer.

I’d lug a keg of beer on a trike, yeah!