Happy Penguins at LinuxFest Northwest 2014 Party

I felt like I had a lot of camera issues at the start (which first was needing to go back home in order to retrieve all my SD cards, pppt.) Indoor pictures are always difficult, and as such, to make these look less like snapshots, I squirted a lot of Sriracha on these. Here are your spicy penguin pals:

Linuxfest Northwest 2011 Prize

Here’s the Bruce Schneier doll that Modwest donated to the Linuxfest Northwest world famous raffle. What a great prize! Bruce is decked out Matrix style to defeat all your security-thru-obscurity talk and send you packing back to your world of security theater. I wonder what Modwest will donate next year…I know a Leo LaPorte doll would not fly with this crowd ;-) A steampunk Ada doll would rock!

jed and bruce, tag team!

jed and bruce, tag team!

Another Great Linuxfest Northwest

What an impressive LinuxFest. It felt really pro this year with big printed badges and registration. I would have been. Happy to have picked up my badge friday night if I knew what the crowd might have been Sat morning.

The robot room was definitely Liam’s favorite. Thank you BAIRS! I really dug the competition robot. Seeing BPD’d bomb squad robot was quite a privilege for us as well. That was very generous for BPD to spend a few hours at Fest. Would have been cool of JBLive.tv coulda got some footage.

I loved being able to poke into the Linux Action Room and it was a great opportunity to get to present on a live stream. Thanks, Chris, Bryan and Jeremy! Opening up the stream to some guest intro takes was a hoot!

The OpenStreetMap presentation was really neat and I would dig doing another bike ride map collection next year, now that I know how to better be prepared. I need to see how I can better use my BB to collect waypoints. It was fun taking a spin with Isaac, anyhow.

I’m grateful there were some people interested in bike rides for fest but I need to start that conversation earlier. But crazy ideas popped up:
– a display of how to charge mobile devices by bicycle
– ANT+ linux drivers that collect cycling telemetry
– getting penguin bicycle pennants printed to sell at the raffle booth
– any bike vendors or mfrs using open source?

I’d once againt like to heartily express my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the LinuxFest Northwest organizers! It was a great fest and the best sunday of all the two day LFNW events yet!

LinuxFest Northwest 2011: MySQL Overview

These are the slides I’ll be presenting with for my MySQL Overview talk. Last year I called it the “MySQL Buffet”…and I prolly have more slides up here than time window.


You’ll find a surprise slide, “boring” in there. And this is pretty much my take on the Oracle acquisition of Sun thus of MySQL AB. Any we trolls of why “MySQL Sucks” aside, are you really all that interested about what features and bug fixes Oracle management approves of…in an overview talk. My take: the griping, if you want to dig, is in the askmonty.org wiki. There they are discussing how they are trying to keep feature parity with the MySQL features and fixes.

MySQL and it’s sisters are not about to disappear, esp not with how promising Drizzle and Maria look, and that there are commercial consulting services like Percona that could resell services around both Drizzle and Maria.

Apache, MySQL, LinuxFest Northwest and Bikes

LinuxFest Northwest is coming soon on April 30-May 1. I often present on MySQL and was considering doing an Apache talk again. However, these are broad topics and I’d like to split them up into tracks. Who wants to also talk about MySQL or Apache? Time is short.

As a father of two action hero kids, I’ve brought Liam to Fest for two years now, and he’s enjoyed the robotics and computer lab. I encourage and hope to meet fellow parents coming on Sat who might have preschool or elementary age kids who might want to meet up. Little kids need a break, get bored easily, and having a soccer ball or frisbee or bicycle about might help them have some fun. Liam and I will be biking, if a small ride during lunch sounds good, biking around Squalicum Creek park/Birchwood is an option.

Friday and Saturday nights are often good fun. If you want to ride your bike to the pub and back to the Hampton, the route is pretty low traffic. Riding from the Hampton to BTC is a cinch, too! Ask, I shall post google maps links! (I’d also be happy to lead that little ride.)

Really stretching your legs on Sunday might feel great, specially after sitting thru so many talks, right? There’s growing interest in a Sunday Penguin bike ride after lunch. I think a ride up to Hovander Homestead would be a refreshing change from a weekend of lectures, no? https://blog.bitratchet.com/potential-2011-penguin-ride/
Meet at bike racks in front of G building. Food? I can do hot dogs on a propane grille!

Please rattle my cage and tell me you want to present and go for a Sunday ride!