Happy People at LinuxFest Northwest 2015

I only had about 45 minutes to take a few pictures (and grab a beer) at LFNW after party. Other years I’ve had more time, more pictures. This is what I got.

fest2015_0011 fest2015_0010 fest2015_0009 fest2015_0008 fest2015_0007 fest2015_0006 fest2015_0005 fest2015_0004 fest2015_0003 fest2015_0002 fest2015_0001

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Happy Penguins at LinuxFest Northwest 2014 Party

I felt like I had a lot of camera issues at the start (which first was needing to go back home in order to retrieve all my SD cards, pppt.) Indoor pictures are always difficult, and as such, to make these look less like snapshots, I squirted a lot of Sriracha on these. Here are your spicy penguin pals:

Happy People at LinuxFest Northwest

For the first time in 9 years I decided to take my camera to the after-party. I found a lot of happy people. If you like the picture enough, let me know. None of these have been through post, so I could clean up your portrait a bit. Great to see you all there! I look forward to 2014!