Happy People at LinuxFest Northwest

For the first time in 9 years I decided to take my camera to the after-party. I found a lot of happy people. If you like the picture enough, let me know. None of these have been through post, so I could clean up your portrait a bit. Great to see you all there! I look forward to 2014!

Fun Saturday In a Kilt #lfnw #linux

Lots of subdued excitement at LinuxFest Northwest. It was a chilly ride that morning in the rain in a kilt. Bryan Lunduke’s talk was packed! My presentation on MySQL high availability was mellow fun, 45 minutes was not enough time. My son wanted to go home early so I skipped Alpha Geek to take him home. I got into some great conversations about ergonomics and making standing workspaces, and cycle commuting. I met more recumbent riders. Met a Seattle attendee who has been car free for 27 years — and TV free for 31. I wouldna cared about that a few years ago, but it’s certainly inspiring now. The brewing with Linux demonstration was neat. Renews my interest in learning to brew beer.

The after party was mellow and not as loud as last year and I think that was great. Would be great to see OSBridge now that I’ve met so many people who’ve presented there. Small planet–met Hal who knows someone at Bike Friday. Small world!

Looking forward to Sunday. Kilt was requested again–you got it! (You guys know it’s too big on me, right?)