LinuxFest Northwest 2011: MySQL Overview

These are the slides I’ll be presenting with for my MySQL Overview talk. Last year I called it the “MySQL Buffet”…and I prolly have more slides up here than time window.


You’ll find a surprise slide, “boring” in there. And this is pretty much my take on the Oracle acquisition of Sun thus of MySQL AB. Any we trolls of why “MySQL Sucks” aside, are you really all that interested about what features and bug fixes Oracle management approves of…in an overview talk. My take: the griping, if you want to dig, is in the wiki. There they are discussing how they are trying to keep feature parity with the MySQL features and fixes.

MySQL and it’s sisters are not about to disappear, esp not with how promising Drizzle and Maria look, and that there are commercial consulting services like Percona that could resell services around both Drizzle and Maria.

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