What Does Not Being Advertised To Look Like? (TWiG ep 42 with Doc Searls)

I’ve been reading Doc Searles in Linux Journal for a decade, and his notion of how regular people need to act in control of their attention, and sell it to vendors, and reward vendors with business on the merit of their service–this is acute brilliance. So hearing Jeff Jarvis and Doc together produces an *impressive* conversation. I parapharse below:


Doc, Leo, Jeff Jarvis, Gina are in conversation about how Facebook advertising fails so badly, and is an outstanding example of how “better targeted advertising” doesn’t exist, and is even an erronious goal…

(Leo) …don’t consumers say they want better targetted advertising?

(Doc) I think we’ve moved past the point where we’re all consumers, we’re producers and consumers…improvement comes from a company that knows us, not thru an intermediary that better targets what we *might want*… The inherent wastefullness of advertising makes it something of a bubble..when we cross out of it…it might not be advertising anymore…it might be relationship.

(Jeff): …the way I put it Doc, is that advertising is failure: the ideal is that [vendors] have such great product you sell it for them…[Vendors] advertise when that fails.


Good stuff, huh? I’m going to have to listen to this episode twice or three times, the discussion is so remarkably rich with post-advertising concepts. I’d love to live in a system where we didn’t have to suffer seas of wastefull advertising–a society where instead of advertisers mining our personal relatioships, vendors come to us and we c:ose them (on their ecological and civil track track records, eg, or however)–rewarding them with our business. All while maintaining our personal information and privacy, because we have given our information to only those vendors we chose to. Privacy default.



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