Tax revenue from bike registration? #bham #bike

Saw a letter to the editor in the Herald this morning expressing frustration at more taxes for walking and biking lanes because they never bike…but if they keep bikes out of the street thats good they guess. The writer continues: bicyclists should register their bikes just like she registers her car, and that would pay for bike lanes, wouldn’t it?

While that idea is civilly expressed, I can find so many flaws with it I make myself dizzy. Mostly I am struck by how entitled a licensed vehicle operator is by expressing her assumption that cars are the only rolling meat-grinders allowed on the pavement.

Next I’m struck by…and this is a theme lately…how we as Americans pay buhzillions of dollars right to the military for wars the writer has probably protested. What negligible impact a small local levy has on her salary is going to be the difference of a hamburger for lunch compared to that 20%+ of her income she’s parting with every year.

And doesn’t she feel any like to this whole oil spill thing? You, I and she all helped pay for that to happen.

I’ll can it before I fly further into RantCity, butchaseewhattahmean, eh? Lemme know if you want me to go on…