Happy Dump the Pump Day! (Cyclelicious)

I’ve never heard of Dump the Pump day. However the article gives a good summary of how the Glamour Effect shapes public transit policy. Make you think that people’s votes might not always be the best way to shape transit.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Dump the Pump Day! (Cyclelicious)

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I’m not sure I’d draw the same conclusion about the democratic process :-) , but rather I’d say more education and campaigning is necessary. In the BART / Santa Clara example I gave, a lot of money and influential people were behind Measure B to fund BART extension operations, while bean counting weenies like me dryly told people “but Caltrain is more efficient and better and cheaper.” There’s a lot of starry eyed techie optimism here in Silly Valley as well that sometimes leads to weird solutions for issues.

    • Yes to expanding awareness and education! And I certainly agree about the vanities of Silicon Valley.

      IMO, Caltrain was just fine. I used to commute on Caltrain several times a week. It’s a real shame that CalTrain and BART and Amtrack were all run against different standards bodies because a common gripe was…why can’t Caltrain stop a a BART station, why can’t they share tracks? There’s so much possibility with Northern California transit, but the panoply of transit agencies have ended up quite at odds on the front of interoperability. Unified transit measures (like Bart-to-Alameda County Metro transit passes) was just getting started in 2004…I hope that progresses.

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