Genetic Defect Tied To Autoimmune Diseases (Science News)

Even if this gene discovery leads to a genetic therapy, that would still be no substitute for simply being active and eating a low carb diet.

Genetic Defect Tied To Autoimmune Diseases – Science News.


2 thoughts on “Genetic Defect Tied To Autoimmune Diseases (Science News)

  1. It would be a pretty big difference for those of us for whom diet and exercise are not an answer due to completely nonfunctioning beta cells. Type one and LADA tend to be the autoimmune varieties of diabetes, both of which result in the rapid or eventual inability to produce any insulin at all and the subsequent complete dependance on injected insulin or the consequence of death. Injected insulin comes with a huge number of problems, not least of which are unpredictability, risk of seizure, coma, and death by hypoglycemia, and weight gain.

    • Thank you for the astute clarification, Beth…you’re absolutely right. My bland quip of a post was insufficient. A decade ago I was the type of modernist geek that believed that technology was an answer to everything. My perspective on disease treatment is somewhat tainted by cynicism in some ways, because I hear about so many very expensive first-world disease treatments that are neither truly effective, unavailable to the rest of the deserving world, or seem to be a privileged response to a lack of prevention. I can’t say I’m innocent of prevention, I lived quite a lazy lifestyle previously. If a gene therapies for autoimmunity diseases appear it will be great day, and I hope they are affordable for the world. (I was also interested to hear about genetically engineering skin cells to produce insulin last year.)

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