Agave banned by the Glycemic Research Institute (Cloverbee Foods)

I don’t include agave into my diet, but I suspect that this is important

Is gluten sensitivity the root of many diseases?

This seems to be the hypothesis of doctors James Braly and Ron Hoggan, in “Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous to Your Health”. The authors also indicate that gluten sensitivity is congenital which could explain why asthma, polymyagia, celiac disease and diabetes might also run in families. I probably wont get time to read much of this book, but its worth looking into.

Insulin Patch Applicators Being Developed (Tech Nation)

Some overwhelming numbers related in this interview with Eric Thomlinson: there are 340 million people with diabetes and, if I heard correctly, 4000 new cases diagnosed every day…? A major hurdle to treatment is the prescription of insulin shots, which Altea Thereputics appears to want to solve with patch applicators. The convenience of patch applicators is readily apparent. Some drawbacks of patch applicators for other drugs (nicotine) have appeared in recent years, however: children handling or chewing discarded patches, increased garbage and groundwater contamination from the much higher concentration of drugs in patches, drug residue left on the skin and clothes that any stranger–or infant–can absorb thru their own skin.

Taking insulin shots, multiple a day, is something I’m grateful I don’t have to do. However–some day I might.