M-Wave handlebar bag…already busted the bracket

I just bought a handlebar bag and loaded it with 15lbs of mundane gear. But when I was mounting the bracket the first thing I noticed was that the diameter of the brackets was for narrow handlebars, not mtb bars. So as soon as I tightened the screws snug the brackets snapped. Right when I got to work, I hit a pothole and the tongue on the bracket snapped off and the bag sagged forward. So I already had ordered a second bracket. I just got out of the “bike shed”…filing out the plastic bracket and mounting with inner-tube strips inside. Unfortunately, I don’t have a rasp, and filing plastic is …. Stupid! Anyhow, I’ll make sure to hit that pothole again on the gray bike and I’ll see if that other bracket busts, too.

Basically–is the cheap nature of the product worth the time I put into babying this crappy PVC plastic?


3 thoughts on “M-Wave handlebar bag…already busted the bracket

  1. I did the same thing with a brand new Topeak handlebar bag on my wifes bike. Metal screws- plastic bracket- bad combo.


    • If I have to repair the the darned thing, I’m going to actually drill more holes around the bracket in order to thread a zip-tie thru it. I think that would probably be more satisfactory than screws.

      I saw a really well designed handlebar bag outside the grocery store this week: it was a one-piece tube frame than went over the handlebars and ducked under then neck of the handlebar stem. Super simple, I’m sure it would last forever. It wouldn’t hold a whole six pack of beer, tho!

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