Modern Picture Management?

I like to run a thumbnailer across most of my photos so I have little copies to send around, and I mod them so that they look distinctly different from the full resolution source files. I like to use gwenview to flip and rotate them. Gwenview can export to FB and email so that makes things easier.

I copied a bunch of these thumbs to a project folder. However, I still need to use scripting to sets of pictures from different directories, because they match by name. Buckle up:

ls \
| grep small-imgp \
| perl -pe 's/small-(imgp[0-9]+\.jpg)$/$1/' \
| while read F 
   find /home/jreynolds/9/2012/ -iname "$F" -exec cp {} ~/For-Mary \; 

Wow, now I can really get to work.

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