Hard Lockup CPU1

Friday morning was the first time I’ve ever seen one of my linux machines issue a hard lockup. I wonder if there was a power surge in the evening and it woke up and slept again, so when I booted it, it didn’t know what power state it was at. Luckily, this system seems fine now.

photo of lockup message

One thought on “Hard Lockup CPU1

  1. Probably. If the power failure was caused by a lightning strike, that can do damage even if you are using anti-surge/power spike protection. By the way, you have to haveEVERYTHING that connects to your computer using such protection – including everything that plugs into AC that plugs into the computer, directly or via a power adapter,AND the cable that connects to the internet, because you can get power surges or spikesfrom ANY of those sources. If it still has a BESTEC PS, which often comes in emachines cases, it’s even more likely.

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