Nanopaper and Flexible buckytube transistors?

Nanopaper and Flexible buckytube transistors?

I have been always quite excited to hear about ways of making e-paper. This is rather a kind of complment to that, this is a microcellulose nanopaper that has organic circuitry (buckytubes) adhered to it. Not only is this not a display device yet, it is not a anything close to generaly manufacturable. From the comments:

I’ve read the fine article, and it might not be immediately clear from the summary that the breakthrough here is not the transistor per se – the important step was in using the “nanopaper” (which is tech that is in fact NOT 2KA old).

And while the nanopaper may be biodegradable, I am wondering about the carbon nanotubes they are printing on top (as conductors). While the toxicity of carbon nanotubes is still being studied, there are good indications that they might behave similar to asbestos fibres. So not something you would necessarily want to throw on your compost heap.

via Transparent Transistors Printed On Paper – Slashdot.

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