How To Choose The Right Battery For You

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Don’t get stuck just focusing on price and amp hours when choosing a battery. There are many factors you should consider so you don’t end up with the wrong batteries. All the batteries that we will discuss will be deep cycle. A deep cycle battery is designed for discharging over longer periods time with more of a discharge than a cranking battery that is designed for a high rate short duration discharge without draining the battery.

Lead Acid Batteries

You will see words like flooded, vented, VRLA and maintenance free when looking for lead acid batteries.
All of these batteries have a vent in the top of the battery to allow hydrogen gas to escape. The term maintenance free is misleading. Maintenance free batteries typically have VRLA (Vale Regulated Lead Acid) caps that are covered and glued down so they are not readily accessible. Their job is to allow the…

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One thought on “How To Choose The Right Battery For You

  1. Selecting a battery can be confusing. While all will claim to be particularly well suited to a purpose, all batteries are not created equal, even within their own type such as AGM, Gel or Sealed Lead Acid. As a deep cycle battery can be quite an investment, you’ll want one that will last the distance. One of the ways to determine this is the cycle rating; that is how many times it can be discharged and recharged. One of the best benchmarks for this is the IEC 896-2, based on a 100% discharge. While discharging a battery 100% is not recommended as it will significantly decrease the life of any deep cycle battery, the IEC 896-2 provides a good baseline for drawing comparisons between brand X and Y or even different battery lines from the same manufacturer.

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