Linux friendly JBOD controller? (Not LSI!)

I am refurbishing my ZFS on Linux backup box. It is an Asus/A2 motherboard chipset and runs slow but happily on two 3 four port sata controllers in a addition to all its server onboard sata ports. One of those sata crontrollers is on the PCI slot which will never run as fast. I can measure the difference watching the drives in iostat.

I picked up a likely pair of 8-port SAS controllers off ebay thinking I could get some PCIe-x8 action going. Unfortunately, I had to learn my lessons about LSI Megaraid, the MegaSAS 2008 controller… What a farce! These cards only want to run in HW raid mode and they entirely block bootup by obscuring the onboard SATA controller. (Who wants them?)

But clearly, I need some advice on a good JBOD HBA, or a raid card that won’t kill the budget. Is the SuperMicro AOP controller going to be a better choice? ? Or will Dell PERC H310 controllers do the job?

I don’t want to reformat the drives of course, I would just like them to run consistently faster.

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