Thots on Visiobike

Is a Google Glass bicycling App useful?

I really enjoy having a bluetooth headset while riding my bike, I can get incoming calls and not have to fish out my phone, and I don’t ruin headphones and headphone jacks on phones with constant wear.

There needs to be a place to start, so Glass seems like a reasonable initial platform, but I do not think that the target market should be Glass users, it should be lower-middle incomes that need encouragement to ditch their cars.

A proper app would coach new cyclists on various topics:
– proper lane control
– how/when to change lanes
– how to plan safest route, or least hills
– how to order your errand stops by “least distance” or “ice cream last”

A proper device would be potentially cheap enough to build into a helmet or insert as a liner into a helmet such that it provided a rain-proof visor which did not cost so much as to be a burden when stolen.

Contrast to this Openstreetmaps enthusiast project.

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