Tweed ride thots

Thots on 2015 tweed ride possibilities

Non-facebook page. FB is convenient but not all-inclusive. Blog?

– historically appropriate venue: Roeder Home
– keg
– invite a photographer with a field camera (WCC) with polariod back
and demonstrate a phosphorous flash
– kids crafts table before hand
– start ride at library?
– have handouts on historical spots (not all, just a one or two between parks)
– contra dancing or banjo at final stop
– bbq for food
– judges for best bike, kids bike, best costume, best kids costume, best blog story
– a stop in Fairhaven, and a story from the Bham Bureau Historical Investiations?
– Before-hand crafting table near farmers market:
. yarn mustaches
. paper top hats
. round framed glasses
. bike mustache badges

– flyers
– earlier notification
– tea and scones for snack (sip-t?)
– bellingham radio museum display, old time radio music? (who does the sat/sun radio show)?
– parasols?

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