Notes on Updating Centos7 to 4.3.3

Upgrades! Sometimes they are a lot of homework.

Enabled Centos-Plus repos and elrepo for recent kernels. I figured out I want to install kernel-ml, kernel-ml-headers, kernel-ml-devel. That last one escaped me but is necessary because you need it when you do a dkms install.

So after updating that stuff, I was able to dkms install spl/, dkms install zfs/ I also made sure to modprobe spl zfs. Linked /usr/lib/systemd/system/ into /etc/systemd/system/ Reboot. Make sure zfs pool returns.

To get vboxdrv all working I needed to make sure I installed the vboxdriver. That is /usr/sbin/rcvboxdrv. Easy to forget, that’s rather new. Then (as root) do a vboxmanage extpack install ~/Downloads/VirtualBox-extpack-5.0.6.extpack and that will keep your guest vms from blocking on missing USB-UHCI drivers.

Then go back and read my prev post on updating grub. I kept booting into kernel 3.10.x and wondering why grub2-install /dev/sda wasn’t doing it’s job. Ubuntu did the right amount of work with the update-grub2 script, I’ll say.

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