The Ruins of Faroth

A thousand years ago, the stone giant Thromcron invited families of Mountain Dwarves from the mainland to mine the rich ores of Faroth, and the Forge Dwarves were so founded, and a rich mansion of stone and ancient trees was made and a city prospered as the quality of gems and steel crafted on the island grew in reputation.

The fire giant Crimskill became jealous and brought forth an army of bone devils, ruining the city of Faroth. The mansion was set on fire and many houses were crushed. The dwarves prayed and Morodin granted them a boon, and Stingren Gembeard, an avatar of Morodin, commanded a counter army of stone elementals and defeated the bone devils. Crimskill was badly hurt and driven off.

Hundreds of survivors were left in ruins. Most left the island and returned to the mainland. Six hundred years later, what is left are a few intact tunnels and the stone foundations of a city that is mostly profitable from fishing and boat building. The proud trees of the island burned, and re-planted trees now ring the rebuilt mansion on the top of the hill. The cattle feed on grass but most of the soil washed away from the rough storms of the sea every winter.