Faroth: the Story of Lowdug and Redfist

The first Forge Dwarves was Lowdug Ironrung, was not friends with Redfist Tallbeard in the western mountains. The stone giant made a deal with the dwarves, Lowdug negotiating, for ore in the south. Redfist heard the proposition  and rushed ahead to broker an exclusive deal. Lowdug was not able to recover his stature and his family suffered as they lost business. 

About a year later, the stone giant saw Lowdug in his sad state and the story was told. The stone giant was angry at Redfist and crushed a rock face that tumbled over the mining slope and many of Redfist s dwarves were trapped for days. The giant returned to Lowdug and invited his family to travel to Faroth to begin a new kingdom with fresh veins of iron. 

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