(D&D) A Crater of Undead

Galentaspar is overseen by one of the generals of Januflax–Blackbone Vunumklar. Blackbone is a great example of greed and evil, promoting those who aggrandize him the best. Promises are surprises to be interpreted later. Promotion could mean death, damnation, or riches.

Eclipsen Darkmoon, or any drow for that matter, knows this game well. Knows it well enough to bring in contestants to promote to Blackbone or to hire for himself. Eclipsen does not openly talk about Lolth, and for good reason : Lolth would compete with the greater deities worshiped by Januflax and Blackbone.

But that doesn’t mean that Eclipsen isn’t playing both sides…the drow below Glentaspar are not strong enough to withstand both a fire giant and a red dragon’s wrath. So any power mad bozo is promoted to Blackbone and a few predictable nut jobs are played close to the chest.

The gravel pit is a deeply evil and desecrated area now. Feltor has suspected as much since Ginndale, Bindle’ti and one hundred elves were killed approaching the Galentaspar. Disreputable traders appear to travel in and out of there freely. And a whole orc army came out of there. The Elves have not raised an attack on that front for almost one hundred years.

Feltor burns with vengeance focused on the east. He does not talk about the orcs in the west or the corruption at Faroth. He is confident that nothing approaching from the west. His anger is focused on Galentaspar. He coaches his lieutenants daily on fighting orcs and how to save water.

What Feltor doesn’t know is what protects the pit and who’s protecting it. The dwarves in the eastern foothills tell stories of patrols of undead in the middle of the day shourded in a dusty cloud of sooty darkness. Dark spots roaming the desert like fleas crawling across the wreckage of a proud Dwarven kingdom that now only admits practitioners of theft and death.

Does any elf stand a chance?

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