Faroth Game Group (2017)


See D&D Spring 2018 Schedule for present updates.

Below is the introduction for the previous campaign.

Your sodden wool cloak sags heavily while you and four dozen other refugees absorb the fat drops falling from the dark clouds blotting out the sun. The swaying horizon gains an slim orange glow of dawn. Splitting the dawn, a shadow grows: the island of Faroth, your new shelter since your home was burned and your village sacked by orc armies of the west. Closer now, bright spots of lamps and windows and the swaying lamps on top of the fishing boats in the marina appear. Your surviving townsfolk and other refugees from the mainland being to muster, gathering their sacks and bundles, one lucky soul was quick enough to take his carpenters kit. There is no jingle of coin, no happy call of the crew. Then the wooden grind of the dock and the quick steps of the sailors hopping to the cleats and winding the ship fast. You and the others tentatively stand, the rain having paused.

Over the sound of hens and children from the shore, the captains gruff voice: “Blessing of Pelor on thee all. Now get off me boat!” Welcome to Faroth…

Game Night and Chat Channel

Saturdays, BUF RE classroom 3, 10am~12:00pm. First session Jan 7.
Please RSVP to jed@bitratchet.com

This would be a weekly game night and have an accessory on-line group chat.

  • Game night would be for role playing the adventure.
  • Game night is not for silly chitchat or “what is a saving throw” style questions
  • Please read the Players Handbook and get in your questions on group chat
  • and horseplay is when you’re in-character only
  • Group Chat 0n-line call would be for questions about game mechanics:
    • character skills (what is ‘hide in shadows’?)
    • combat mechanics (can I dodge an attack?)
    • spell mechanics (how do i cast a spell?)
    • and topics that don’t advance the plot (chit chat)
    • Skype or G+ Hangouts would work. Eventually Mumble is a better group chat protocol.

Starting Resources

If you want to buy a Player’s Handbook, or the Starter Set, they are available at Dark Tower. It is OK to use a phone app for polyhedral dice if you want.

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