Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things — Medium

This so telling about our society:

We’ve been conditioned since infancy to ignore most of these fatalities, along with the behaviors that cause them. If you’re a typical American, your first experience of speeding was while strapped into a car seat, and you rode past half a dozen fatal accident scenes before speaking your first complete sentence.


Clear Thoughts on Share the Lane Signs

This concept, and flaws, need to be distinguished in drivers ed, and commonly reminded: A “Share The Road” sign may give the motorist behind the cyclist the wrong message that the motorist can choose to share, or not, since the implication is that the bigger car has bigger rights that supercedes the right of the cyclist.  It may also give the motorist the wrong impression that the LANE can be “Shared” with the bicycle – i.e., that they can co-exist side by side in the same lane.

Why are we irate and defensive about our right to drive? (Planetizen)

This is a engaging short essay on discussing irate and defensive points of view owned by many auto owners that tend to blame bicyclists for making roads and taxes worse. Are they…we…so defensive about the cost of driving be cause it can consumes over 25% of our salaries?


DIY Helmet Visor

The dinky visor that came with my inexpensive Bell helmet is a joke. It does not help with the low-angle sun in the fall. It will not help with a downpour of rain. So, like a good mechanic, I cut apart a gallon water jug, and tacked the two side panels I cut out under the existing visor and trimmed them to look good. The tough part was cutting slots and tabs so they held together in the front. Heh–no zip ties this time! :-D

Visor cut from a gallon water jug

Visor cut from a gallon water jug

Visor detail

Visor detail shows slots and tabs.