How Cool Is This? The Zigo LEADER is COOL

This totally looks like a great kid and shopping friendly trike. It’s not too big, it’s perfectly stable, you don’t have to crane your neck around to check on your child, either. I bet it could carry at least four bags of groceries, too.

Zigo Leader Carrier Trike

Zigo LEADER Carrier.

This design is kinda close to what I thought of as a “shopping bike.” Grocery stores could plant some advertising on here and you could check one out with your store club card. The three speed, or even a single speed model would be too dorky to want to steal. And for trips of about a mile, it’s fast enough.

Shrewd Cyclists Discuss Onya Cargo Trike

I posted a link to the Onya trike gallery page and it quickly gained some discussion. Some good points were raised, mostly about how the cargo bin appears very far forward on the cycle and might risk forward tipping. If this cargo cycle has extra weight in back in the form of battery and motor, would that be enough to counter-balance a keg of beer?

Contrast the forward cargo configuration of many bakfiets (the Onya being a recent example) to a mid-frame cargo configuration (like a Metrofiet). They come in many names. Many are imported and many are now being manufactured in the United States.