A Bicycle Lifestylist Day

It was a very bicycle-lifestyle day today. Family ride to early breakfast in Fairhaven. Biked in the Moving Planet procession to the Library. Bought some used bike parts. Cuddled Jesse when he fell off his run bike. Cheered the riders as they rolled off to Cherry Point. Picked up groceries by bike and swung by bike shop. Put different fat grips on bikes. Allowed an aquaintence to test out my recumbent and discussed ergonomics for his wrists. (Ever considered stacking bar-ends?) Adding Tuffies to my tires and doing brakes on my gray bike, adding lights for the winter and adjusting the handlebars and adding a new bike lock.

I would have liked to have spent more than a few minutes at the Bellingham Bike Plan table with these nice huge city maps that charted the bike lanes. I had to orbit the kids for the most part, and they wanted library time. I heard a fraction of Mayor Pike’s speach.

The number of people that showed up for the Bike Bellingham rally was better than none, but still really … not like a crowd the size of the Farmers Market. Really, the in-bike crowd seemed to show up. It would have been great to have held this gathering right in Railroad Ave between Market Depot and Boundary Bay Brewery, and block vehicle traffic. Mayor Pike and the other presenters would have been heard much broadly. And the bike master plan idea would have been circulated much more broadly as well.

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