Zipcar Ad Exposes Common Bike Misconception

This article
explores why Zipcar is grasping at straws. The Zipcar ad really does show a problem commonly solved by panniers, bike basket, bike trailer or cargo cycle. Or a rolling shopping cart and bus fare.

Seriously? You need a 2000 lb vehicle to cary a … Briefcase? Marketers have molded us well, haven’t they?

I do understand that there is a niche for vehicle rentals, I rent autos when traveling, I used to rent vehicles for the occasional out of town commute when I owned only a bike and rented a bedroom to live out of.

American sprawl makes it hard to get around. Eventually, $8/gal gas will make a 35mi daily commute amazingly expensive. We’re due for a change, we need to choose wIsely now, not whine about what we’re losing.