Linux Photography: Basic Darktable Tutorial

I know why my first few minutes with Darktable seemed so frustrating–they were all me scrubbing this modal interface looking for things I thought all should be in a menubar. But there are no menubars. While DT has quite a bit of keyboard shortcuts (not discussed today) Those were no help because you have to study the Settings dialog Shortcuts tab…no quick to get started with when you’re used to mundane office software. Darktable is as different from GIMP as GIMP is from Photoshop. Is DT similar to PhotoShop? You tell me.

– select photos in light table mode

– enter darkroom mode


– select an action group “basic”

– enable a module DT-tut-008

– reset a module using the furthest right “standby” icon

– spot selects are often a rectangle

– return to lighttable mode

– turn down stars of photos you don’t want

DT-tut-002 DT-tut-015
– expand right sidebar

– select group, select all

– where will it save?

– export selected group with the Export button at the bottom of the column. This will batch-export all the photos on your light-table screen.


Certainly this is nothing like the GIMP. You do have to scrub the interfaces to find all the gritty little features, but it is more batch-oriented and possibly a cleaner work-flow.

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  1. i tried Photivo for it runs on windows..there isnt any Darktable version for Widows….but i am hoping it provides a great alternative for the paid one..

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