Faroth: Bogan of Bibbon Bay Intrigue

You haven’t lived in a good elven town unless you’ve uncovered the juicy gossip that those righteous do-gooders try to cover up. Bogan of Bibbon Bay Intrigue here–have I got some dirt for you, my favorite listeners! It was not actually that big oaf Lothric that planted the bomb on the Jobin’Gahr…he would have made too much noise, right? No, it was this elven fighter, Eliza, from out in the northern Sing’jar mountains that pulled that off. (And she actually paid me to do something!)

Lothric wouldn’t have paid me anything. He just threatens people. That gruesome bugbear that attacked us? Don’t be fooled–he didn’t kill it. The killing blows were from the city guard who speared the beast. Lothric is just a meat head. He gets his way by hitting people: the innkeeper of the Grumpy Goat and his wife drove him and their ragtag band out of their establishment right before they attacked the Jobin’Gahr. He was so mad he punched the innkeeper right in the stomach before he left. Thorfinn actually tried to apologize. Thorfinn’s a nice human.

If I were Cinnitta Holleycrown–I’d watch out. That Lothric fellow is not nice. I’m convinced that he’s going to bring everyone around him a world of hurt!

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