Faroth: Gabindoor on the Alley Cat

Jon Gabindoor escaped from a mundane life of farming and hired on as a hand on a trading vessel years ago. He learned that a life of honest work was for suckers, his true skills were being strong and playing a poker face that could trick a soft captain. Until he met Captain Binlep Lavalier and crewed on the Alley Cat.

Captain Lavalier sat before him in the captain’s quarters as Jon gripped the gold piece that Lothric gave him to show sincerity of the fight against the orcs. Binlep, one of the few people who could read Lavalier during a game of cards, was not impressed. In fact, was so not impressed he was clearly hiding something. “Jon, I’ve faced off the Jobin’Gahr before, before she was supposed to have bought her chasers…and this was just to get by her when she was harassing Willow island. We had orcs swarming our deck before we were halfway past her.”

And why didn’t he hate orcs? “Cap’t…never have I seen as many of the other unlicensed going against the orcs before! There’s a good chance we’ll win!” But Binlep just gave him a flat look that soured into a frown and brushed his hand in the air, dismissing him. We’re not working for the orcs, are we? 


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